Datta Methodology for Enhancing Learning (DMEL)

Datta: means ‘the one who gives’ or ‘to distribute’. From ages our elders have emphasized the need to give and share knowledge with others. This is particularly desirable in respect of sharing any new knowledge with others. It is in this context that this methodology has been aptly named as “Datta Teaching Methodology”. This methodology is holistic in nature making use of all the five sensory modalities of learning i.e.; visual, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

DATTA TEACHING METHODOLOGY is not necessarily meant for children with communication impairment. It is applicable to all the children who have some deficiency in learning. We have found this methodology useful in teaching normal children as well. Many professionals and experts have recognized the usefulness of this methodology while teaching normal children.

Datta Methodology

Datta methodology is meant for two distinct groups and is presented in ten parts. This program is a systematic, multi-sensory, holistic approach for teaching autistic, intellectually challenged, ADHD and LD children. Children under this program have demonstrated spontaneous communication, independent functioning skills and are successfully mainstreamed. This method is not claiming any magic cure or quick remedy. However, usage of Datta Methodology can yield positive results that lead to accelerated progress once the initial steps are learnt. Children who have benefited from this program will require less intensive services later on.