Research & Publications

Vagdevi School has undertaken a number of Research activities under the able leadership of its Director Smt Shantha Radhakrishna.

Integrated yoga therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This is an on going research by professional speech language pathologists to check if Integrated Yoga Therapy (IYT) is effective in alleviating/reducing some of the symptoms of ASD children in the area of eye gaze, sitting tolerance, balance, posture and depth perception, self injurious repetitive behavior, imitative and receptive skills. The pilot study was completed during 2007-08 and has yielded encouraging results.

Role of parents in the speech and language development of hearing impaired children.

This comparative study aims at analysing a child’s speech and language acquisition between two groups of parents who are attending/not attending “early infant stimulation program for mothers of deaf children” is being done.

Books Published

Articles and books published :

'A Clinical Study of Habitual Frequency & Optimum Frequency with reference to Nasality. Aust. J. Human Comm. Dis., Vol. 1. No.2, December 1973.

'Curriculum/Training Schedules for the Mentally Handicapped' a prize winning essay in Vol. VII No.2 of the Mental Retardation Digest, FWMR - 1979.

Work book for the Teachers and Parents of the Hearing Handicapped.
Publication DSERT, Bangalore - 1985.

Resource Book for Teachers of the Hearing Handicapped -1990 Akshara Prakasha, Bangalore. Presented scientific papers in various National & International Seminars.

Definitions and descriptions of glossary of words with reference to hearing impairment.
Tejas Printers 1993, INDIA

Datta Methodology for Enhancing Learning 2003, Sudha Printers
'You and your deaf child'
'Stuttering, What do you know about it?'
'A source book for the teachers of the deaf'